How to Connect Streamlabs to Twitch

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how to add streamlabs bot to twitch

Even down to the notification settings, which was something I was most curious about. Really easy layout, and easy to connect things to your stream. I’ve felt this program’s easy interface helps people figure the layout pretty quick and efficiently. Recently Streamlabs created a ‘Safe-Mode’ button that can be found at the top of your recent events dashboard (the little shield icon). Safe mode enables you to trigger multiple items from the list above all at once with the flick of a switch.

Start simple, start with what you can handle and what you know, and very slowly grow the set up if that’s what you feel comfortable doing. Saying that, I didn’t feel comfortable getting lights, a fancy camera, and a looper, but I was gradually nudged until I did, and I don’t regret it at all! This is your place to experiment and try things you might never have tried in a normal gig environment, have fun with it. Your Access token expires every 30 days, whereas the refresh token expires every 60 days. Your bot will stop working after 30 days for these alerts, so it’s a good idea to set a calendar reminder to refresh them. Head on over to the bot settings page and link your bot account and the timer will operate through the bot account.

Exporting commands from the Streamlabs Chatbot

You can also personalise your stream by

adding overlays, donation alerts and a fundraising totaliser on Tiltify. Streamlabs unifies a lot of great features for streamers. What I liked most about this software is just how effective it is at what it does.

In addition to the heavily forced product placements the film as a whole has some questionable underlying themes. In the opening scene the film encourages expression via Emojis exclusively to the detriment of the use of written and verbal language, and other forms of expression. For a film that claims to be about inclusiveness, acceptance and freedom of expression, regardless of what form it takes it fails catastrophically. This is already a problem with people glued to their phones and opting to express via micro-content, such as Vines and memes that loose all value via their very robotic and oversimplified nature.

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It even has a “YouTube safe” mode.However, pretzel Music themselves just claimed copyright on my YouTube video and are now stealing all my ad revenue. Luckily YouTube has the ability to remove the song that triggered this, but it’s a very scammy move by pretzel. Which commands you create are up to your imagination! You might not need any at all when you are just starting off, but it’s good to get familiar with nightbot early on. To get started, head over to and log in via your twitch account.

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Click the OK button and you should see yourself in the preview. There are no changes required here, but read through the options to see if there is anything you would change! You can make OBS automatically record every time you click the Start Streaming button, for example.

Lets have the best time streaming safely

Give it a name, add your message, and specify the interval in which you want discord to post the message. Streamlabs lets you customize the setting for all the different alert types your alert box contains – New follows, Donations, Raids etc. You can also have streamlabs generate a URL that only contains some of the possible alerts. To add an image to your scene, press the + button in the Sources section and select “Image”.

how to add streamlabs bot to twitch

The last nightbot section for this article is the Spam Protection. It offers a variety of filters to automatically delete messages you wouldn’t want to see. Should you have multiple tables open, you can highlight the Capture Source and use the dropdown to select the one table you want to showcase. Next, make sure how to add streamlabs bot to twitch the Table is sitting below the overlay image just like your camera and move and resize it to fit the transparent area in the overlay. In this example, we will use window capture to get them in. In the next window, select your camera under “device” and select the maximum resolution your camera is capable of.

Tips and tricks to staying safe

Streamlabs offers Twitch streamers a convenient way to personalize their chat moderation by setting up a dedicated chatbot. Streamlabs chatbot doesn’t require any coding knowledge. All commands and features can be controlled via the Streamlabs dashboard. This is probably the main reason why I solely use OBS Studio over any other streaming software and that is the third-party support that offers a huge amount of plugins. Now I could go over tons of plugins that I love but I am going to list the ones I use with my OBS Studio software that allows me to provide a great streaming experience for both me and my viewers. A great way to do this is to come up with milestones – key fundraising goals which you’ll mark with an activity.

  • Installing your streaming software on an SSD is a great alternative to your HDD if you have one available.
  • It also had allowed my viewers to have more interactions, and involvement in effecting my gameplay.
  • Big streamers will raid little ones and there’s real love and affection amongst the community.
  • One thing that can be tricky though is getting your bot to thank users for subscribing as by default this feature doesn’t exist.

The stats suggest that the more of these features you use, the more donations

you’ll get. Ask your work to donate towards, or even match, the funds you raise for your event. Companies love to support their employees with their volunteering initiatives. This makes your stream a lot more personal and interesting to watch. We know it can be dauting being on camera but it makes a huge difference to your audience.

Are bots illegal on Twitch?

You could get banned. Twitch has a strict policy against using bots or fake accounts to inflate your viewership or follower count. If you are caught using bots, you could be banned from the platform.