15 Best Affiliate Apps For Shopify

Refersion is one of the most well-known tools for managing and tracking affiliate marketing. You can easily spread the word about your brands to more than 5,000 partners to improve your referral program. Using Shopify integration and automated recruiting and tracking makes it easy to manage affiliates so you can focus on other affiliate programs. Urikar is considered one of the highest-paid affiliate marketing programs because its average commission is high ($1,400+). What is considered a high-ticket affiliate program with high payouts depends on your goals.

  • With over 18 million students and 186 thousand active courses, Teachable is one of the most reputable e-learning platforms.
  • CJ Affiliate — formerly known as Commission Junction — is one of the oldest affiliate networks out there, one I’ve been using since about 2002.
  • As an affiliate, you get access to marketing material to assist in your promotional efforts.
  • Anyways, 2Checkout has 22,000 software advertisers signed up with them, but also a handful of online courses, like SuperReading.
  • The programs generate a unique link that affiliates can share with their site visitors, customers, and social media followers.
  • Built-in partner engagement features like challenges, in-app messaging, learning materials, etc… allow for more connectivity and engagement with the partner program managers.

Hammacher Schlemmer provides tools (including password-protected online reports) and content to help your online store succeed. The affiliate program includes iSpring Suite and iSpring Suite Max, which cost $770 and $970, respectively. Thus, you can earn from $77 to $97 from a single purchase and around $1000/month if you provide 10+ customers monthly. As mentioned, Thinkific’s affiliate program is an excellent fit if you create content for other content creators and entrepreneurs. Thinkific’s subscriptions start at $0/month, making it a great fit for your audience if they’re interested in experimenting with course creation.

With plans ranging anywhere from $29 per month all the way to $2,000+, the income potential is a very attractive offer, and it costs you absolutely nothing to join the program. Each cookie has a “length” or “cookie life”, which simply defines how long the cookie will be tracking the user’s online activity. If your audience is full of designers, developers, and others in that market, this affiliate partner might be perfect for you. Currently, students can choose between our English Online subscription plans and our IELTS Coach preparation courses.

They provide customers with exports to help them every step of the way, including help with domain purchase, web design, cart integration, SEO, and security. Acorn is a “micro-investing” mobile app that helps people between the ages of 25 and 35 invest their money wisely. If you own a financial advice blog that serves this demographic — especially if they haven’t yet accrued capital or assets — this is the affiliate program for you. On this commission, affiliates will earn 20% as a base rate, with a possibility for escalating rates if referring multiple clients.

The nine best beginner-friendly affiliate marketing programs

The app is available for Android and iOS users residing in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Pawns.app is a free app that allows users to make passive income in their free https://www.xcritical.com/ time from anywhere in the world. By installing the app on their Android and iOS mobile devices, users can enable the bandwidth-sharing option and earn money while sleeping.

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The Semrush Affiliate Program is open to bloggers, social media influencers, YouTube creators, course creators, and all-in-one marketers. You can monetize your traffic and boost your earnings regardless of your niche. The Semrush affiliate program offers $200 for each sale and $10 for free trial trial activation. If you serve a more affluent readership, Sephora is the affiliate program for you. The retailer offers a wide selection of prestige beauty products, including skincare, body care, makeup, and fragrances.

Joining a mobile app affiliate program is often easy and requires minimal investment. This means affiliates can get started quickly and begin earning commissions without having to invest significant resources upfront. Shopify affiliate apps are a type of Shopify Marketplace app that helps e-commerce businesses set up affiliate mobile app and manage an affiliate program. A business’s affiliate program is a way for other people or businesses (affiliates) to help promote its products or services in exchange for a commission. The programs generate a unique link that affiliates can share with their site visitors, customers, and social media followers.

Join an affiliate program to earn extra cash today

Bluehost, a web hosting platform that supports more than 2 million websites, offers a phenomenal affiliate program for any business or entrepreneur looking to monetize their blog or website. Content creators and bloggers whose audience is made up of medium-sized to enterprise businesses. Since Instapage’s pricing starts at $199/month, it’s less accessible to freelancers or hobbyists, but it’s well-positioned for audiences with larger budgets. Bloggers, video marketers, and content creators whose audience is made up of freelancers and entrepreneurs.

It’s worth noting that there is no minimum threshold limit to receive a payment. Coursera offers over 1,000 courses and specializations ranging anywhere from Digital Marketing to Applied Data Science and Personal Development. As a partner, you’ll gain access to comprehensive training materials, including webinars, tutorials, and educational resources. You’ll also have access to a dedicated support and partner managers team ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Semrush is the software that enables marketing professionals to build, manage, and measure campaigns across all channels to improve their online visibility. This program is only worthwhile, however, if your site and audience has a true interest in luxury travel to the Caribbean.

With tons of products to promote and a wide variety of companies to partner with, it’s hard to pass up. Better yet, SEO pairs perfectly with affiliate marketing because people who are searching for an answer are closer to being ready to buy than people mindlessly browsing social media. Overall, Rakuten is my least favorite network because its interface is so poor, but it does have some interesting affiliate programs. TUNE is my personal favorite affiliate software due to its excellent reporting dashboard and ease of use. Instead of being able to browse its affiliate partners, you have to find someone using its platform to use TUNE.

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GiddyUp has earned its partners over $1 billion in sales across more than 30 countries; and has paid out more than $375 million in commissions since 2013. Bluehost’s affiliate program pays a flat $65 commission for every visitor that clicks through your referral link and signs up for a package. The internet and improving technologies are making the model easier to implement.

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Constant Contact’s affiliate program offers a simple one-time flat commission of $105 per subscription sale—with no limit on how much you can earn. It also gives you a $5 commission for every person who signs up for a free trial of its email service, even if that person doesn’t end up buying. Signing up and participating as a HubSpot affiliate is completely free, and you’re not required to have experience with HubSpot’s software. Anyone can apply to join, regardless of if you’re a beginner to affiliate programs or well-versed in affiliate marketing. ConvertKit pays out a 30% commission for every person that signs up through your affiliate link.

As an affiliate, you can earn by promoting Envato’s digital assets, their DIY design tool, and unlimited creative subscription. So if you have an audience full of mobile developers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, or anyone interested in developing mobile apps, promoting Instamobile can be a great idea. On the downside, the network charges you $5 to join it, but you can get your money back once you earn $20, the first payout threshold. When it comes to commissions, they vary depending on the program or advertiser selected. After that, you can share using one or more of many sharing options and start collecting responses immediately.

GiddyUp is suitable for beginners because it offers an affiliate manager and helpful tools to assist you with different aspects of its program. There are lots of ways to promote your content—like sharing it on social media, doing email outreach to other bloggers who may find it interesting, or even paid advertising. Awesome—this section will give you an overview of how to get started earning your first affiliate dollars. Rather than recommending specific partners for this one, I’ll refer you to apply to become a TUNE media partner. Once you sign up, it will automatically connect you with the best affiliate partners for your specific niche.

The Toluna affiliate program allows you to join it for free and promote it to your audience, no matter the type of blog or social media channel you own. It pays a one-time commission whenever someone uses your link to register on the app. There’s a lack of information about the program, but based on what we’ve found, the commission is $1.20 per sign-up.

Now that you know all the pros and cons of joining a mobile app affiliate network, it’s time to choose the best one for your needs. Take a look at our suggestions below and read the short reviews carefully before making a decision. As an easy-to-use form creator, forms.app helps you create your own form with great registration form templates for affiliate marketing.